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Dramatic faux-artsy contradictory statement written on a picture of a strip of mountains

Circumstance and Reality

In every moment,
I am dying,
being born,
under water,
in a car,
giving birth,
killing a man,
being put to death,
begging to be pulled awake,
knowing there is nothing to wake to,
drinking myself,

Every moment is now

An Empty Mirror

I have never felt so frightened of death as I do now when I feel detached from the world. My life has no direction or meaning and death seems just like one determined path that I will take, no different from waking up and taking a shower. Why do I feel so frightened when I face death if my life is only one meandering stream with irrelevant turns and drops.
I need to leave
I need to sleep

"Having conquered the violence of his feelings, he appeard to despise himself for being the slave of passion…"

Mary Shelly, “Frankenstein”

In a million years
every brick wall
will fall
and all
the gold rings
from the lovers’ fingers
will be dust

The houses
that showered love and fear
on our minds
will be covered in vines

Our bodies will be gone,
our bones in holes
or dug up by wolves